Ice cream stick puppets

Ice cream stick Puppets

Ice cream sticks are a perfect creativity igniter. There is so much that can be done with this easily available craft material. This craft is a fun way to create puppets with the little ones and teach them the skill of wrapping.

Material Required
–   Ice cream sticks
–  Fevicol
–  Wool
–  Googly Eyes
–  Markers
–  Scissors

  1. Join the two Ice cream sticks together like a + sign, with the help of glue/Fevicol.
  2. Let it stay for a while. Meanwhile give thread to kids. Tape it from behind the stick, so that it gets easier for the little ones.
  3. Now make the wrap the wool around the stick in circular motion. This will work as the bottom part of the body.
  4. Once done fix it with Fevicol.
  5. Now let them take another color of wool and wrap the wool around the joint. Tell them to work it out in X format. With this we will be ready with the upper part of the body also.
  6. Now fix googly eyes.
  7. Add details of hair, nose, mouth, finger, and shoes using a black marker. Your stick Puppet is ready!
Ice cream stick puppets 2

–  It is a great fine motor activity – It works best for the pincer grip development of the kids when they hold the thread nicely. They also need to learn about the right amount of pressure with which they need to hold and release the thread so that they could wrap it easily.
–  Development of hand-eye coordination – It is the focus of the activity where the kids need to work with their hands and eyes together to do the activity with finesse.
–  Development of Cognitive skills – As students learn to hold the stick from one hand and move the other to wrap the wool well the cognitive skills are worked upon as they learn to take instructions in a sequential manner.

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