Giant Circle Drawings || Human Spirograph Art Activity

Spirographs are fun toys to make lovely symmetrical designs. We can see how it was made alive by Artist Tony Orrico with his live art performances. The artist uses his whole body to produce Spirograph-like designs. It a delight to watch him perform. The first time I came across his work and his technique I tried it and was exhausted with the experience. It was such a nice feeling of going on the floor and creating a giant design like that. Not only that it was working on many areas of my physic and psychology all at once.

Next thing that came to my mind as teacher was to try it out with my students. At first I was a little skeptical as I did not know how they are going to react or do they have that much of a control over their bodies. I tried it with my 4yr olds first and the results were amazing. They didn’t understand it in one go but once they did it they were all jumping and hoping for their turns.

I think it is a must activity that every art teacher should include in their curriculum. As it is a perfect blend of art, movement, spatial understanding and fun.

Material required
–  A giant size paper
–  Crayons/ chalk crayons / Soft Pastels
–  Masking Tape

  1. Fix a giant sheet on the floor with the help of tape. Make sure it is fixed nicely as there will be a lot of movement happening on the top.
  2. Keep a bunch of crayons long enough for kids to have a good grip, ready!
  1. The curiosity of the kids was ignited seeing the giant paper on the floor.
  2. Next I showed them a video of the Artist. This one is a short video which defines the whole process easily. It’s the simplest one that I found for my little ones.
  3. Once they were introduced to the whole process they started having the fun. As I was dealing with a large number of kids I was letting them do it in turns.
It is a Art and Movement activity, which offers more than just a beautiful piece of art. Some of the Benefits of doing this activity are

–  It develops Gross motor skills – It requires the whole-body movement which obviously works on the child’s gross motor skills.
–  It improves Concentration – kids move their whole body along with their hands going faster that the body, all over the paper. It requires them to concentrate on their actions and manage their movements accordingly.
–  It encourages Visual analyses – The child is trying to create a circle, it requires her to have a visually calculate the area she is moving around in, and decide for herself, how much of a shift she should take, how she should move hands, etc . All this requires visual analyses.
–  It is a great act for sensory awareness – it is an engaging activity for a child’s visual, auditory, Kinesthetic, and tactile senses. As a result, they learn about their body and the space around them.

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