Christmas tree collage for Preschoolers

This is a fun Christmas craft which not just work on their fine motor skills but also make them think about the placement of different material which helps them to relate their work of art to the real world.

Material required
  1. Cardboard/Paper
  2. Glue stick/Fevicol
  3. Ribbon
  4. Decorative material (mirror, sequence, beads, etc)
–  Cutout Tree shape from cardboard/Paper
–  Cut ribbons into small pieces so that those tiny fingers can pick them up easily

  1. Give them the tree cutouts and ask them to guess what they are going to do in the class today.
  2. Students will try and answer you in different ways but one word that you will surely hear is TREE.
  3. Taking this word further ask them what color cutouts or paints they want, and I am sure they will definitely come up with the Green color.

  4. (All these discussions are extremely important with the early years as this helps them to make real life connection with their artworks rather then just doing an activity for the sake of doing it. This also helps in development of art vocabulary right from the beginning)

  5. Now provide them with material and just let them work however they want.
    5.  Talk to them about their work once they are done. What do they feel about their work? When I had a discussion with my kids, they asked me for something brown to cover the trunk part of the tree. Excited about the decoration bit of the top part, I actually missed out that part and there was no time to prepare for it instantly so we all decided to cover up that part with their names in Brown. It was a learning experience not just for kids but for me as a teacher as well.

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